Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Things Unity - Think Pink!

The challenge is....think pink. Use pink in honor of October's National Breast Cancer Awareness month. And tell the story that inspired your card.

First, the card.

Supplies used:
Unity's July store kit of the month
Junkitz paper, Mom collection
random kraft cardstock
Georgia Pacific white cardstock
Prima flower
random brad
Copic markers
Memento ink
Distress ink, worn lipstick and tattered rose

Now, the story.

For the most part, I've been incredibly lucky. My life hasn't been touched, directly, by breast cancer. The friends of friends, acquaintances, etc.

But when I was a young child, very young, my grandmother had a mastectomy for suspected breast cancer. In that time, and in my family, these things were Not Talked About. Even if they were, I *was* very young.

I found out by using the other bathroom one night, in an emergency...and finding her prosthesis.

This was probably the first realization of my young life that the adults in my life were NOT invincible, and things do happen, and one day, they'd be....gone.

My grandmother lived many more years. And cancer didn't take her in the end.

But the impetus of things that were Not Talked About is how the Susan G. Komen foundation came to be. Susan asked her sister to break the open these doors...and to make things different for others.

And, her sister...did.

So, my colors are pink....but muted, for all of the people and years where things were Not Talked About. And the sentiment carries that truth...when you hold someone in your heart, hold them forever. Don't let them fall victim to silence. Scream from the rooftops if you need to. Hold their heart in yours, and make sure they're HEARD.

We've come a long way, in breast cancer research, and in things that are "not discussed" in polite company. But there's a ways to go, in many families, I'm sure.

My pink is in honor of the silence that is now broken. And this card will go to Operation Write Home, with others, so someone else can know that they're held in someone's heart. Tigger, if you should see this...this one's for MaryKay.

And that, my friends, is enough introspection from me.

Thanks for looking....


  1. Lisa, thanks for sharing your thoughts, very inspiring! Oh, and beautiful card!

  2. made me cry.

  3. Lisa....beautiful....your card, your story and your message. And that is all I have to say about that..... **hugs**

  4. Lisa, Great card! I love your insight and reason for your color choice. I was almost in tears.

  5. You are an exceptional lady, Miss Lisa! Like your grandmother you have touched a many of lives. I am honored that I know and had the GREAT pleasure of meeting you in person! The card like its designer is one of a kind; thanks for sharing your personal story! Monica B

  6. OH MY--what a great story and inspiration for this card! I never knew that cancer wasn't talked about--I guess I never really thought about it (I'm still learning so much about this disease as well). I am in awe--what a great sentiment and that def. touches my heart! I am so thankful for your entry in the All Things Unity challenge! Great card for this challenge;) And even better--sending it to Operation Write Home! WOW! You are super sweet--blessings to you!! Thanks for playing along with us over at All Things Unity:} THANK YOU!

  7. (SNIFF) I shall show Mary Kay... it's unbelievable and I'm sitting here in tears from your words and your talent.

    I love you!!!!

  8. Great card and thanks for sharing your story and inspiration.

  9. Very touching story, Lisa. Wherever your card lands, it will be loved and appreciated:). Thanks so much for joining all things unity with this gorgeous card:)

  10. So very beautiful. Special story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. OH WOW!! Your story is so special & touching and THANK YOU so much for sharing it. And thanks so much for playing with us at All Things Unity!!