Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday! Friends with Flair, and a giveaway!!!

TGIF!!!! :) Hopefully, you're coming here from the Unity blog. If not, head over there to go down the whole list of Friends with Fair!

Something a bit different this week. There's an organization in PA called...Dogs Deserve Better. Their mission is to stop the chaining and tethering of dogs outside. To me, if you want a yard ornament, go buy a statue...don't put a living, breathing creature out there!

Well, DDB does a yearly campaign...Have a Heart for Chained Dogs. DDB collects addresses of homes with chained, penned, or tethered "outside dogs", and mails them handmade Valentines, treat coupons, and a brochure with information.

I have one of very favorite Suzi Blu give away!!

What do you have to do to win this? Simple. Do something for DDB. Leave me a comment with what you're going to do, and a way to contact you.

Send a Valentine, send treat coupons, submit addresses in your area...whatever you can think of. :) See the Have a Heart campaign page for ideas, too. It's an on your honor thing, I'm not going to check with them or anything...but the dogs will appreciate it!

Here's one of my Valentines:

Supplies used:

Unity - I Ruff You
Ippity - Here and Now - loooove that heart stamp!
My Mind's Eye paper
random cardstock
random ribbon - and I wish I knew where I got it, this is the last of it!
Memento ink
Bosskut Gazelle

Thanks for looking! :) Remember to look for the FWF blog with the blinkie, and win some Unity loot!


  1. What a SWEET image! Your card is so pretty in pink! Love the diecut shape too!

  2. I love your sweet puppy card! What a fabulous way to help DDB's campaign. Fortunately I don't see many dogs in peril that way.

  3. Love this card. The puppy is too cute.

  4. What a happy cute and loveing puppy!

  5. I ruff your card! I ruff puppies!

  6. What an adorable puppy image! And a sweet card you made for him, too. :)

  7. cute cute card...we do some rescue work with corgis when we are able too...hugs, Katrina

  8. Sweet card....♥ these stamps! I would love to send doggie treat coupons to DDB! Thanks for the info.

  9. What a sweet card--and a great cause, too!